About Us

In the heart of Texas, on the same beautiful grounds as St. Francis Episcopal Church Temple (est. 1965), St. Francis Episcopal School was established (1971).

The Parish of St. Francis, along with Reverend Robert Bonner (1970-’76) developed a focus on Christian education. This focus was expressed through Sunday school classes for the youth and adults that attend church but wanted to expand this focus to capture younger hearts and provide a quality Christian education for early childhood. With this idea, St. Francis Day School was brought to life! The early years of development of the school, St. Francis Episcopal Church added a few rooms; eventually needing a full school wing with nine classrooms.

With the help and hardwork of Cheryl Jones (Head of School 2017-’21), the school administration, and the church, St. Francis Episcopal School earned accreditation from the Southwestern Association of Episcopal Schools (SAES) in 2019.  “The mission of SAES is to lead, to nurture, and to unify Episcopal schools in order to advance educational excellence within the faith community of the Episcopal Church”.

St. Francis Episcopal School has provided and will continue to provide a quality, developmentally appropriate, Christ centered learning environment for children ages two – Kindergarten. We welcome you and your family to come in and tour the fantastic little school, lovingly referred to as “the Harvard of Preschools,” here in Temple,Texas.

Our Mission Statement: 

St. Francis Episcopal School exists to provide a developmentally appropriate, Christ centered learning experience. Allowing children to develop their intellectual, moral, civic and creative capabilities, in a safe and loving environment.